Thursday, October 29, 2009


Interesting play the other evening, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" by Robert E. Sherwood; it's 70 years old, and though the production set it clearly in late pioneer times, the issues facing Abe, of course, were timeless. It took him, in three parts, up to the time of his election as POTUS, and he left his little town. The theater which put it on has often added musical touches to its shows, which I usually like. There were period songs interspersed amongst the dialogue in this one.
Then an afternoon of gathering and walking the next day, pleasant enough despite the grayness and chill in the air. Amazing to see more Halloween decorations proliferating, freshly carved pumpkins nestled up to molding, rotting ones cut too soon. One house must have had a couple dozen arrayed along its walls; it must have been a riotous party who cut them.


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