Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meh to yeah!

T'was shaping up to be kind of an uneventful birthday, but it didn't rain all day, friends arrived bearing nice gifts, people called, and all was well eventually. The raccoons kept out of sight. My dear brother advised putting a .22 bullet between their eyes the next time they appear on the roof; I would say he's lived in the Southest too long, but in fact, our dear old dad used a .22 back in NW Ohio to scare away starlings that were mobbing the house we rented while our new house was being built in another town. He stopped shooting at them, however, when one of his shots landed right between a bird's eyes. As much as he hated being awakened by the flying vermin, he felt bad, thought he'd set a bad example. We kids were impressed, though, and our mother started calling him Old Dead Eye for a while.


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