Friday, November 06, 2009

Thunderin' thuckatash

Wild weather for wild times; there was a huge procession of about 1500 law enforcement vehicles to honor a young cop murdered on Halloween night. The ceremony hadn't even ended when there was a big engagement south of Seattle, where a suspect was wounded and taken to the hospital. I don't recall ever seeing such a gargantuan show of honoring a fallen comrade, and such a rapid marshalling of force to nab what may be the actual shooter. The Seattle police department has been under siege lately, and I think they wanted to make an impressive display to the community; the procession was mostly viewed with solemnity as it passed through the city. Astounding to see that they can, with citizen cooperation, get their man.
Housewarming at the kids' place, which was very pleasant. We left before the place exploded like that overstuffed mitten in the old folk tale.


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