Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Putting it mildly

Unexpected invitation for another short climbing session, and off we went. Saw a few folks I hadn't run into for a while, including a woman my age who climbs like someone half our age. She had a couple of friends along, and now that they're not going at the crack of dawn as they did during the hotter weather, I may join them occasionally.
Perfect walking weather for older mammals, and all enjoyed the atmosphere. Some guy working on a house up the street marveled at our old cat accompanying us, and told us he had a friend who had taught her cats to play fetch. We've seen what looked like a pitbull-ish dog in his truck, so hope he continues to think highly of our feline.
Fascinating Nova program about our human ancestry; made me ponder that we've come so far only to regress.


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