Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sunshine patchwork

Fickle old thing, it warmed us up late morning, then shied away when I had my errand time; forgot to note that the other day I heard what sounded like a concertina being squeezed down by the lake; it was actually a very down and out looking fellow, holding what looked like a miniature keyboard to his mouth, and blowing -on it? Through it? He was producing the most indescribable riffing, in tune, completely unrecognizable as any cliche song or line of melody. Now that I think about it, the blowing part may have simply been a physical accompaniment, and had nothing to do with the sounds trailing out. As I drew farther away, the breeze kept forwarding little bits of his sound. It would have made an amazing little black and white documentary moment.


Blogger robin andrea said...

Your description is a visual delight.

8:16 AM  

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