Friday, June 25, 2010

Last in a series

Yesterday was a perfect day, until afternoon; after a nice session of climbing with yet another friend, my car wouldn't start in the parking area. Fortunately there was a generous soul who came out to jump it for me, although his jumper cables didn't work. Another friend,who was meeting him for climbing showed up with a newer-looking set of cables, and it got done. While I was opening the hood, I suddenly felt fiery pain on my feet and legs: the wood I was standing on was full of ants, little brown meateaters, which were probably ecstatic over such a huge quantity of potential food, i.e., me. The guy jumping the car commented that we were having an epic in the parking lot of the gym, and the friend said of course, we're climbers. The return to the parking areas are often the most hazardous parts of a climbing outing; people trip over roots, and open car doors onto their shins, among other things. And get eaten by ants. Drove the dumb car around, got it parked on a hill just in case for tomorrow. Thus ended another summer day; the fickle sun will abandon us soon.


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