Saturday, March 31, 2012

We did it!

Rainbow City Band performed Gustav Holst's " The Planets" tonight, except for the final movement of Neptune; we didn't have a full women's choir to employ. It went well, although we clarinets needed to persevere through Mercury closely followed by Jupiter. What a wonderful experience. It was akin to a hard day of climbing. And in July, the Seattle Symphony will perform the whole she-bang, for which we have excellent seats. Well, we may not have approached such perfection, but at least we know it from the inside out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Bombing along towards concert time; lots of work keeping the tricky parts in the brain and fingers. Great show the other night by the band's professional offshoot group; they had everybody from toddlers to dodderers up dancing.
Patching together gym climbing sessions, with whomever happens to be free; beloved offspring and his friend are savoring warm days at Red Rocks, and may they make it to Indian Creek.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wake up

We had a run through of all our music the other night in concert band; it was sobering. People need to step up and practice their danged parts. Also show up for rehearsal. Most of us clarinets participated in a voluntary sectional last evening, and at least we will be strong. I don't get it; why be in a group if you don't put out some effort?
Last minute climbing session with a friend I hadn't seen for a bit; she and I had a good time. Per my "coach", I threw myself on a pretty hard route, and managed most of it, except for one long move I was hampered over due to my lack of tallness. How many ways can one say "reachy"...
Kind of sore this evening due to strenuosity.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

space and solids

Creeping upwards in velocity on the musical passages; creeping upward on the climbing walls with a little more success and many more endorphins. My family climbing coach adjures me to try harder moves, so I do what I can; today I managed a moderate route with a nice little bit of roof climbing at its end. I draw the line at finger-crunching moves on account of the clarinet playing I need to be able to do, but just a few of those crimps and pinches seem to make my hands stronger. No dynoing to mono pockets or thin edges, but good gripping doesn't seem too much different than those weird "Hand Strengthening" gadgets they sell in music stores. Much more fun to do, too.