Monday, September 10, 2012


The end of summer is fast approaching.  Concert band rehearsals have resumed, and we're working on a theme of video game music.  Gotta say, this gave me pause at first, but our two dear young directors kindly explained it to me, and now that we've begun delving into the stuff, I find it's fun and has enough challenges to be motivating.
Finished a re-read of Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island", a very old tome that came from my parents' house; it's dated 1896, and I had to handle it carefully, as it shed little bits of its bindings at the least disturbance.  What a treat; wonderful storytelling, amazing illustrations, and the after image of a lost perfect place, covered with enormous trees, a variety of other plants, and populated with all kinds of animals.  Rather disturbing was the castaways' glee at killing just about any one of those animals they could, but they did need to eat and clothe themselves.  Many a middle of the night wakening has been soothed by this old book.  I know I read it many years ago, but I'm sure I appreciate it more fully these days.
Have just plunged into Harold Bloom's "The Invention of the Human", concerning the works of Shakespeare.   Quite a contrast, feeling residual effects of the Verne novel, which was set in a very unpopulated place, to venture into the teeming human domain, which increasingly leaves me cold.
Pleasant hill walking this afternoon, as ominous clouds moved into the area, cooling things down.