Tuesday, June 04, 2013

La galeria de los cacahuetes

There's a little Spanish immersion daycare/school near our workout place. The teachers get the little ones out regularly for airings, walking them to the nearby playground at Green Lake if it's not pouring.  Today there were a couple of age groups out and about, ranging from 2-4 years. They travel by hanging on to a safety cord, escorted fore and aft by adults, who talk with them in Spanish and English. Mostly they are cooperative, with an occasional outlier who needs to be separated and on the other side of a grown up.  One such group was coming along, chatting away and spreading all over the sidewalk. The teachers told them to scoot over and put their hands down to make room for passersby. "We don't have hands!" the little crazies shouted, and the cry echoed down the line. To the barricades!
Later there was another group passing an outdoor basketball court.  Some guy shooting hoops made a basket, and the little peanut gallery yelled joyously, " Hooray!"  They insisted on watching the court action for a bit, and every time someone sunk a shot, the cheers rang out. No Disney film maker could have created a better image.