Monday, October 31, 2005

Things that go bump in the government

..make for the worst horror on this Halloween. Too much going on out there, I will focus on our Halloween "visitors."
We had THE cutest, tiniest pirate I have ever beheld, complete with an eye patch, as his sister pointed out. At first, espying her multi-faceted eyes, I thought she was a fly, but she rather indignantly informed me she was a BUTTERFLY, and displayed her iridescent wings.
We had a passle of two-somethings, and the little girl dressed as a white rabbit demanded TWO pieces of candy! Her mother was truly shocked, and admonished her not to be greedy. The little toddler groups started to rush right on in the house, which they did last year, too. The little red devil didn't give me a candy bar this year, though; he's figured out that he's supposed to hang on to all of his loot.
And that was about it, close to 40 mostly little souls. They got every last bit of candy we had. The rain sort of held off, until a bit before 10:00.
And to bed.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Not so gloomy

Forgot to get my mother's watch set back last night, so she was up earlier than usual. Worked out all right, as we could get breakfast and a walk in before I picked up a friend for a climbing workout. This is the friend whose little dogs we walked last week; she rewarded me with a big container of delectable vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and peanut clusters. Now, I don't usually like the combination of peanuts and chocolate, but this is excellent chocolate, and the nuts have a bit of salt on them, so the taste is wonderful. Now I shall have to find a secure oubliette to put them in, out of the searching hands of hungry housemates...
We had a good workout. The gym was pretty busy, something I haven't had to put up with since I've been going at off-peak hours. The photographer/climber who had hung some prints from his work at the gym, including one of our beloved son belaying a friend on a dramatic spot on the Freeway route at Squamish, dropped off a CD with shots of our son climbing. I am in the process of choosing one to get printed and framed by this phtographer. He's very good, the photos are beautiful.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Late night

We went to the Seamonster last night to hear some musicians we've seen playing in other groups. Bass, guitar, drums and keyboard, two of them vocalists as well. It was enjoyable. We left after the first set, and missed the bartender's singing, which we've witnessed before. He's pretty good, and most enthusiastic.
Had a wonderful late afternoon walk today with beloved spouse. We wended our way down to Lake Union; bopped up Kite Hill to watch some fellers with radio-controlled gliders that resembled a cross between a flying wing and a frisbee; then over to Fremont the back scary way, scary to me when I'm alone because I always seem to encounter drunken weirdos lurching out of the undergrowth and out at me as I trip happily along the sidewalk. We went around caution barriers below the Aurora Bridge and had a nice section of the bike trail to ourselves. The poplars along the ship canal were golden up to about their top branches, where they were stil tinged with summer green. In one direction, blue sky with puffy white clouds cruising by; in the other, to the west, threatening shades of gray.
There were roving bands of young folks dressed up as zombies, in honor of Halloween. One guy had fake bloody handprints all over his ragged white shirt, and two pet white rats sitting on his shoulder, also tricked out with gore. Most eye-catching and impressive, I thought.
Home again to roast a big chicken for dinner.
To bed, and happily, very early, thanks to the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Book hunting

After our usual late morning exercise, I went off to run an errand for our beloved son who's still out of town, and to look for some books which are coming up on this month's book group schedule. Among the two used bookstores and the University Book Store, I found all of the Elizabeth Bowen novels I needed, as well as the two we didn't have for this round.
On the way home, I passed a very bedraggled, tired and obese young woman, who was slumped on a low retaining wall with a flimsy baby stroller in front of her. A little baby face peeped out of the seat, and a little baby pitbull peeped out and howled from a carrying section below the human baby. As I passed, an angry-looking unkempt and obese young man shuffled over to her, and stood over his little family. It was a very depressing sight, and I didn't want to stare. They looked as if they might be homeless, or close to it. They didn't look like they would bother to train the dog, and it made me wonder about the baby's future.
We're heading out around 9:30 to hear some music.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Walkin' the dawgs...

We set off this bright and dewy morning to air my friends' doglets. The air was lovely and cool as we drove past the zoo and turned up their street. I found the spare keys and...could not get the door open. She had told me there was a trick to it, but...was it hard left, or hard right? The dogs were alerted, and I could hear them scuffling around eagerly next to the door, so I breathed deeply and persisted with the door lock. It did at last give way, and I zipped in, whisking the little creatures away from the open door. The older larger dog was easily collared; the younger, smaller, evidently TERRIFIED puppy had to be snared, clamped between my knees as I struggled to fasten the little collar attached to his leash around his tiny neck. He screamed and leapt away. I halfway decided to just take the older one, who was shaking in sympathetic consternation, but hunted the little guy down and managed to collar him. Then we headed outside, got my mother out of the car, and started our so-called walk. Such a tangle of leashes, and the kind that automatically run out, as if you have fish hooked on a line; it took me a few minutes to figure out how to retract them, and they worked differently from one another. Poor Little Dude kept looking back at me fearfully, while his older brother skittered here and there, sniffing, peeing, and finally, defecating, as was our goal. Alas, I had forgotten the poop bag in the confusion of getting outside. At one point, I had to short-leash the older one in order to untangle them; he commenced with an alarming choking sound that persisted for a couple of minutes. I was certain I had broken his wind pipe, but after some soothing sounds from me, he stopped. Little Dude evidenced a desire to go home, while Older Brother could have cheerfully gone all day on a walkabout. I realized as we approached the door that now I would have to unlock it again, this time holding on to the dogs on their leashes. All went well, luckily, except for the little guy getting under my feet, and me stepping on him, and him screaming again; we got back into the house, I quickly got their leashes off, and it was Reward Time, treats for all. Little Dude then gave one more terrified backward glance at me, and retreated to the far end of the living room.
Later their mistress called me to check on my dog walking experience. She was on her cell phone and nearing her home on foot. I told her about the screaming and the choking, and heard her go into her house; she then began speaking endearments to the dogs, and I asked that she confirm neither was dead or dying or bleeding. They were fine! Someone else is handling the dog airing duties tomorrow, but I would have done it if she had asked.
Back to Bowen's The Death of the Heart. What a fine piece of writing it is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hump Day happiness

Or at least equanimity. Got an early start this morning, for me, when I went over to the climbing gym to work out with a woman I've only been acquainted with in the past and with whom I've had one other session. She was late, having misunderstood our last communication, but it gave me time to warm up on some boulder problems, as well as to chat with some other acquaintances I see once in a while. One is a 40-ish woman who has a young son; she said she was going to a climbing "camp" at Smith Rock run by a world-famous climber, Lynn Hill. She said she wanted to find out what her weaknesses were, and to get whatever information she could from Ms. Hill. Since Lynn is a person who free climbed the Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite, a feat un-repeated by anyone, male or female as of yet, I'm not sure just what can be imparted other than awe, but it will be interesting to hear how it went.
Volunteered to walk some friends' two chihuahua puppies tomorrow morning, as they will be away and unable to do so. I have complete instructions...what go go awry?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Another round of October

Finished another Elizabeth Bowen novel last night, The Last September. It was earlier than The House in Paris, and it shows. You can see Bowen working on her deliniations of the characters, but they aren't as sharp as the ones in subsequent books. It ends rather precipitously, although she did give the reader fair warning on what was to come.
Nice day eventually, after a climbing work out with my long time climbing partner, whom I really haven't seen much of since we went up to Squamish at the end of August. We had a good time.
Got my mom out late afternoon for her longer walk, and I was in short sleeves.
Starting a third Bowen novel, entitled The Death of the Heart.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The bipolarity of our weather

And it all went to hell overnight. Misty chilly rainy. Good for running, shorter walks. I've been cruisng around on various sites this weekend, trying to glean information or news about what's happening around the world. Events move too slowly for my liking in some instances, far too quickly in others. There's just too much input to be able to come to any solid conclusions, so I won't try.
Just gonna go read my book.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Salubrious weather we're having

Good thing, too, because the red wine last night didn't sit well. Horrible sleeping again, had to get up, walk downstairs, let a cat out, get some cold water, then retreat into our absent son's room to get a few hours' of rest.
Today I felt unwell, as if I were coming down with something, so I got out of the house for a walk. It helped some. I went down to Lake Union, as I often do, and stood in the sun and stiff breeze, listening to a Rastaferian-looking guy playing very folky-sounding guitar. Dogs retrieved balls from the polluted water nearby - I wonder if people know what's lurking on the bottom, no one's supposed to swim in it - kids ran up and down the Kite Hill, and mottled clouds started appearing from over Queen Anne Hill.
Walked back up the hill to home, hot and sweaty, in 70 degree weather. Got my mom out for a little 2 block bonus walk to tag onto to her 8 blocker this morning.
Went out for a night time walk with the beloved spouse, and we missed a call from our son, who's down in Joshua Tree, CA, climbing. He sounded up beat, hope he calls again soon.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Such a cake!

It is done, and resembles the front wall of a lightly caramel-colored glacier. I only hope it doesn't start calving.
Such a gorgeous day, too. My mother got her walk before noon, and now hours later, post-cake baking and assembling, I am heading to the climbing gym for a little work out with another friend, one I haven't seen much of since she got back from her usual summer in Europe. I hope it is safe to leave the cake with my mother...she sure did like that taste of frosting I gave her...
We had such fun today, working out, meeting at Portalis, a wine joint in the Ballard neighborhood.
Came home, fired up the birthday cake and lit into it. It's an amazingly delicious cake, tall and light.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The imminent birthday of the beloved... tomorrow, and I am mentally preparing myself to dive into baking a cake for him. There is a traditional family recipe he likes, a so-called Spanish Spice Cake with seafoam frosting; it's really just a four egg cake with a lot of cinnamon added, but that's about as adventurous as my family ever got with spices back in days of yore. (Yore means long before I was near any "age of reason," which many people probably think I've still not managed to achieve...) Another friend met via climbing and I are taking him out to a wine bar after work tomorrow, and shall fete him accordingly.
SUCH beauteous weather today; we've been out for the long walk this morning already, and unfortunately, my mom had another one of her "spells"; I am so alert to their onset, though, that I got her stabilized before she got too close to fainting. So weird, it really has to do with her temperature as she exerts herself. She just doesn't know when she's overheating. well, no harm no foul, and I am certain that the two chocolate, vegan mini donuts we bought on the way home will be the best medicine, after lunch.
I'm heading out for a run in shirt sleeves!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Changing partners

My usual Wednesday climbing partner couldn't come to the gym early any more, so I hooked up with an acquaintance for today. We had a good time, and will get a day scheduled next week. She and I share mutual friends, from climbing, naturally, which is a good sign, I think. It was a little odd meeting with someone I really didn't know, but since we are both part of the wider climbing community, there are probably enough common denominators to make a friendship possible.
NOT thinking furious thoughts about the world going to hell...
Token trash TV observation: Not much liking "Lost" this season. It seems to be swimming in shark-infested waters already...
Off to read my second Elizabeth Bowen novel, The Last September.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Top to toe!

Hairdo Day, with the added treat of toenail maintenance. The wonderul woman my mother and beloved spouse go to for dos and haircuts also does pedicures and manicures. Mother still does her own fingernails, but her feet are literally unreachable for her, and I just can't do it, so for $15 it's a nice treat for my mother. The stylist has a "foot spa" in which she gets feet ready, and applies some massage along the way too, on feet and ankles.
Got in any early run and workout, and am relieved to find that my knees seem to be mending. They have been sore ever since that cold/flu I had a couple of weeks ago, and it annoys the dickens out of me when me parts complain and don't work properly.
Hair and Toes Do Day, smashing success! We even went to the supermarket for a few things, and my mom sat and watched by the self checkout spot. Undoubtedly doesn't sound like much, but she loves it. My climbing pal's high school age daughter was there geting snacks before her soccer game, and sweetly greeted us. Gotta tell her mom, she'll be pleased.
Not holding my breath about the Bush crew's possible criminal charges. Now, if they all committed ritual disembowelment, I'd be impressed.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Putting up another classic

After her usual 8 block long walk, my mother settled in to read and then have lunch. I buzzed off to the gym to do my weekly route duties, stripping one and setting one. My long-time climbing friend showed up while I was in the middle of route setting, and after I finished we shared belays with another climber bereft of a partner.
Errands; got fresh halibut to grill outside, probably about the end of this season for both the fish and grilling. I'm not so dedicated to this cooking method that I'll put on foul weather gear and stand around in the rain to accomplish it. There are such hardy souls out here in the Northwest, but it doesn't seem worth the misery.
Saw a bit of a public TV program on the Vietnam War and protests about it, circa 1967. Echos today, of course, but there is a lck of dedicated opposition now, other than those dear women who tried to enlist in place of their grandchildren, even getting arrested at one location, NY, I think. Yeah, there are lots of us aging women, "grandma age," who could take a lesson from the mothers down in Argentina who protested long over their "disappeared" loved ones some years ago.
Off to read.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Into the wind

After our 8 block late morning ramble, my hands are numb. It's windy and spitting, and now I must head out for my run down to the Nautilus. We crossed the street at our turn around point to get out of the wind, and when we got to the corner where Taz was fishing for ghostly prey, noticed that he had two white plastic fish stuffed behind his tongue. There has been a huge fake spider web strung over the parking strip, with a lime green transparent plastic spider that has a blinking light inside. Ah, creativity.
Running was an ordeal, weightlifting not much better, and the return trip home uphill, a slog. Well, it's done.
Huzzah! Right around the dinner hour, beloved son called from Joshua Tree, Ca. He'd gotten one horrendous-sounding day of climbing in at The Needles before it began to snow. His climbing partner had been there two weeks, was acclimatized and solid on gear placement when beloved son arrived, worn out from a long drive and rusty on putting in difficult gear. Sounds like their multi-pitched 12+ route, Romantic Warrior, put the bloody fear in him. Well, as I told him, you can't expect to be "on" every time. He followed well, and after a terrifying-sounding rappel in the dark, they got it done.
Now he's trying to find a party of Swedes who escaped the snows and headed to J-Tree as well.
Said he's got lots of food, and just needs to get back in there, cook, and climb. Sounds swell to me!
Up to read.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Perky and energetic!

Yes, that would be me. Did a warm up 5 blocker with Mother, then off to meet my friend and her daughters at the climbing gym. By the time I got there, she and the girls, including one of their soccer mates, had already done a number of top ropes and were off to the boulder room. We adults zipped around to get in our workout, and chat with some women we know from various parts of our lives. One couple was a woman who used to work at the gym, and her partner, an OB/GYN with whom my friend has worked in the operating room. Climbing with doctors can be unnerving, if you happen to overhear their conversations. I try to not completely absorb them.
My friend got tired eventually, and I for once felt as if I could go on for awhile, but we ended our session. Left me with some unburned energy. Got home and took mom out on an 8 blocker, her long version, in mid-afternoon in lovely balmy weather.
Repeats this evening of dopey British sitcoms that my mother adores. I retreat upstairs to start an Elizabeth Bowen novel, The House in Paris. What chops that woman had! I am pretty much preparing to bail with the Gold bug Variations.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Back to the no sleep zone...

Well, crap. I was on a winning streak for a bit this week, sleeping stretches, swaths of hours in a row! Had me one of those 3 ayem to 5 ayem wide awake sessions. Even reading the ponderous Gold Bug Variations didn't help.
One of my other climbing friends called. She'd worked on call last night - an anaesthesiologist - and had only had four hours of sleep herself, so we postoned our session from today till tomorrow, late morning. We'll have her two daughters with us, who top rope enthusiastically for a bit, then go lie down on the stretching mats to read and snack. They usually have had a soccer game or practice before coming to the gym, so need a breather.
Got my mother out for her 8 block walk late this morning, after she successfully navigated a bath. It's been unbelievably nice today, despite a call for rain. I then went out on a bit of a walk, down to Lake Union where a murder of crows was nastily harassing what looked like a peregrine falcon, chasing it all the way across the lake to the base of Queen Anne Hill. It clouded up, and a chilly breeze came across the lake from the south.
As I walked back up the mile to the top of the hill, the sun came back and it was probably about 70 degrees. Got my mom out for another 4 block bonus, and the afternoon is about done. Got the start of our maple tree's leaf blanket raked onto the parking strip, where it will compost over the winter.
Up to continue my slogging read...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Missed a day

Huh. Once again, I hit the wrong button and voila, a phantom post. Well, yesterday was not terribly remarkable, other than our dear son headed down to The Needles, a climbing area south of Sequoia National Park. He was going to drive about 10 hours, putting him somewhere near Redding, CA, where he thought he'd find a place to pull off and crash. He may have reached his climbing area by now, where he was meeting a friend for climbing adventures galore.
I picked up my friend with whom I've been working out at the climbing gym every Wednesday afternoon all summer long, and headed over there for the last time with her for a while. She's got a new job, one which pays her what she's worth, and she won't have the flexibility to go early any more. Despite the fact she's recovering from the flu, we had a good session. Next week I'll be hooking up with an acquaintance whose climbing partner is pregnant and moving away. We'll see how it goes.
Oh! Just had a phone call from dear son, who is in Portersville, CA, had met up with his friend, and was gassin up his car for the long and winding road back into the climbing area. He said he didn't sleep too well - his 1990 VW Fox is not a comfortable car in which to repose - and felt like shit, but he'll undoubtedly sleep well tonight and be ready to rock tomorrow morning. Cell phone reception will be problematic, so we may not hear from him for a while. So good to hear that he made it safely.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two nights running?!

Astounding, yet true; another several hours' worth of sleep! Feeling so perky I can't believe it's really me.
On our first little walk today, we espied some additions to the large dumb-looking inflatable Frankenstein monster on the place across Meridian, down the block. Said inflated Frankie is not to be confused with any of the high-tech, petroleum by-product sex dolls currently under scrutiny on the blogosphere... So, the added decoration: a large plush stuffed Taz the Tasmanian Devil toy, standing in what appears to be a miniature wooden dugout canoe, holding a real fishing pole and going after what I interpreted as "ghost fish": They are made out of some kind of white, fibrous stuffing material, fronted with a small metal mesh that resembles, fairly creatively, fish scales. These ghostly piscine wonders are floating away from Taz into a decorative shrub, along a line of purple holiday lights which run along and away from his fishing pole. If it wasn't so cluttery, I'd give it a prize for trippiest Halloween decorations EVER.
Forgot to relate an odd little episode with the guy who came over yesterday to switch our cable strike. When we walked around to the side of the house, he ran into a spider web and kind of... screamed. I quickly removed the spider, as I feared he would smash it. He abashedly muttered something about how I'd just heard him "scream like a little girl." I told him it was okay, lots of people hate spiders, but we liked them and found them useful as pest eliminators.
He claimed it was the webs that freaked him out.
I feel so macho, protecting a guy from a spider.

Monday, October 10, 2005

And who got a lovely night's sleep here?

Me, me, pick me! How it happened is unknowable, but it's incontrivertable. And most satisfactable. (This is starting to sound like lyrics from "The Music Man.")
Sitting here trying to get through some online this and that before a Cable Dude arrives to do something with our connection that I hope doesn't screw it up. It's working just fine, no packets dropping anywhere.
Got to the climbing gym, set a route, rated 5.6, pretty easy. Got a belay to try it, then tried another toprope route that has been having trouble getting rated. Fun, not too hard. My shoulders felt achy from hauling around on my route, so I headed home.
Off to read more of the big old book.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Deeper into sleep debt...

...since beloved spouse had to get up around 3:30 to get ready for the 4:30 airport shuttle pickup. I lay there listening to him getting things together, then heard the door shut. Back to sleep until about 8:30, and I am another level down from deprivation.
Still, we managed a long walk, and I ran down to the Nautilus in a semi-conscious daze; actually might be better that way, not so aware of any sore spots. Cool and breezy day, lovely blue spots amongst the clouds: "partly sunny."
Not much of a day, other than getting a bit more read in The Gold Bug Variations. It's alternately engaging and maddening. The word play is sometimes ridiculously corny. One bit that sticks: The narrator said something about having someone "over a barrel organ." Duh, ya think this book might have a big musical theme running through it? That the reader might ever hope to escape that for two seconds?
Aw, who's a bitch here. Off to sleep.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Back to the land of the bleary

Up too late, all keyed up from seeing Zadie Smith and then walking around later. Only exercise I could roust myself for was walking over to the store and back with a heavy load in my daypack, as well as extra bags in each hand.
A couple of social obligations tonight, which may entail another late night. The 826 joint is having a party for volunteers who helped get it going, which involved beloved spouse more than me, but I did spend a few hours painting walls in the space they leased up in Greenwood, so I get to claim a party favor.
Then off to listen to a couple of bands in order to help a friend find one for her 50th birthday party.
All above accomplished, and very late to bed...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Alternative dimension!

I have entered the dimension of people who sleep all night, despite a horrendous cat fight at 1:00 this morning between my own cats, the dumb little fuckers. It's a lovely day, unlooked for at this time of year, and I feel good. (da da da da da da I know that I should!)
Two walks for Mother, and a climbing workout for me. Finally connected with my friend who's turing 50 a few days after my birthday in November. She's in the throes of planning a good party for this birthday, and we'll be listening to a band tomorrow night to see if it would be a good one to hire for the occasion.
Beloved spouse and I went out to hear a Literary Event: Zadie Smith, author of White Teeth, reading from her latest novel, On Beauty. I thought she was wonderful: Well-spoken, intelligent, and she completely won me over during her quesion and answer period. She's only 30 years old, and so poised and sharp.
Afterwards, we walked a bit on Capitol Hill, including through a made over park officially called Cal Anderson Park but known to local wags as Teletubbie Hill for its resemblence to the landscape of those TV characters. There is a marvelous fountain which resembles a neolithic stone pile building, with water spurting out crevices and spraying and running down its sides. At night the backlighting of the park's lamps made the water look like glowing fur blowing in a constant wind.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shall I ever slumber continuously through the night?!

Another fragmented night's non-rest. Can't breath very well upon lying down. Need coffee.
Oh, yesterday around 5:30, as I drove back from the climbing gym, I was listening to KBCS, a local public radio station. A young woman was talking with Studs Terkel, who at age 90 something still sounds like hell on wheels. He mentioned a term for those of us who realize things have gone and are continuing to go terribly wrong with this country: the "prescient minority." I like that; I count myself among them, even if I am not outstandingly eloquent. I'm working on finding a transcript of this talk. He gave me a burst of hope.
Okay, yet another trek downtown for my mother's aging teeth. We survived it, no major problems and I remembered to get a fresh batch of fortune cookies.
Another chicken soup sort of dinner, this time with fresh Chinese noodles from the same place that makes the fortune cookies; off to bed to hack away at that big novel.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Will my head ever clear?

Spent the day in our usual fashion, except that the weekly climbing sessions I have with a friend had to slide later into the afternoon. They have obtained a second chihuahua puppy, named it Alfredino - Dino for short - and he had some sort of appointment today. His weight was verified at a little over two pounds, and is he ever CUTE. I met him when I picked up my friend, who has been most conscientious about giving the older puppy, Enzo, his rightful attention. Enzo, Dino's older brother by the same parents, weighs six pounds, but appears gigantic next to his new baby brother. Dino is not the least bit intimidated by his larger sibling, and goes for his balls, literally. They are very appealing little animals, not in the least bit yappy or snappy, as every other chihuahua I have met before.
We had a good albeit shortish session at the gym, then I headed home to get dinner for my mother and go out with my beloved spouse and son for dinner and music. A fabulous bass player we have followed for years around the Seattle area was providing music at The Swingside
with a very good saxophonist. Nice dinner, complimentary port afterwards, and a good walk there and back.
Crawled up to bed.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mommy, I can't bweathe...

Grand exhalation...the cold has manifested itself, I couldn't breathe last night and feel cotton-headed this morning, stuffed with batting like a plush toy. Pass that sudafed.
Got my mother over to Hair with Flair for her weekly Do. We did a shortish walk, then she had lunch.
I scourged my ass out to get an abbreviated run, workout for core and legs, then back home to collapse. No noticable brain activity.
made a sort of checiken soupish stew, went to bed with my current book; sort of into it at the moment.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Starting the week

It's a perfect fall day, I wish I weren't so tired from yet another bad night's sleep and I'd savor it more. Out for 8 blocks with my mother, then to the climbing gym to set a route.
Feeling punk, I had to wonder if I could accomplish much, but going up about 40 feet to put up the route cleared my sinuses. It turned out to be a nifty little 5.8 TR or lead, with a few fun moves.
As I was about to leave, a couple of climbing buddies arrived and talked me into going up a few routes. Glad I did so, since it at least got my blood moving.
Squeezed another "bonus walk" in late afternoon, just a couple of blocks in perfect calm sunny air. Rescued a stray chicken. My mother waved at few jets pasing overhead. Our cats stalked us, keeping us in sight as we approached their dinner hour.
After dinner, much hilarity and laughing unto weeping as we read Fried Green Al Qaedas' insane entries.
Oh, no. I have a cold.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rolling into October

And this morning we have The Rain That Makes It Abundantly Clear We Are Never Going to Be Warm Again. For hours...
Around 2:00, the sky brightened, my mother had just finished lunch, so out we ventured. Made it a full 8 blocks, with no major dampening. Even our friendly local chickens were out of their coop, hunting and digging vigorously.
A bit later I accomplished an abbreviated run, weight workout, and a walk to the QFC. All the while bread dough was working in the kitchen, so by dinner time we had lovely fresh loaves of a vaguely French variety.
I'm tired. I'm weary of crappy nights' sleeps, so maybe tonight I'll get lucky.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sinking in a slimy swamp

...of reports of constant barrages of the corruption of this ruling group, which we've known about forever. It's all a big PR scam, as usual, they're just throwing out certain of their breed as chum in the waters. Mistress Cassandra here, per usual: I don't think it will make a rat pile of difference. The apocalypse is here, all right, but it's the ones who believe in it that are causing it.
Meanwhile, the heavens have opened in the Emerald City lately. at one pint, we experienced The Rain That Comes Sideways, Washing the Wax Out of Your Ears. It wsa accompanied with rare lightning and thunder, with one strike that sounded as if it was across the street. Luckily we'd walked earlier. I retreated upstairs to finish the Forster novel we've had as a pick this next two weeks. It's good, but I don't think it's going to sustain a lengthy discussion, yet again.
Off to bed with the next pick, The Gold Bug Variations. People are going to whine about its length. it's good, but kind of precious.