Friday, August 24, 2012

Wing-ed summer

Been flying through our finally arrived hot enough days of the season; several band gigs, rounding out the marching band activities.  Plenty of pleasant walks, wonderful stuff from the farmers' market, although the tomatoes have been a bit late in arriving. 
Starting to feel autumnal, cooler nights and days; this sort of atmosphere could go on indefinitely, with occasional nocturnal rains, for my taste.
Just finished re-reading a passel of Dickens novels;  I'd forgotten how clever he could be at social satire. Timeless observation of human venality; Uncle Ralph Nickleby could be Dick Cheney in breeches.  The virtuous young female characters can grate somewhat, or should I say overwhelm a reader with almost unbearable sweetness and light, but his villains are for the ages.


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