Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Winter already?!

Such gloom this morning, and chill in the air. Summer cannot be over. Feeling low in energy, probably due to a fractured sleep last night. We ran into our friend and neighbor while she was home on her lunch break and we were out for my mother's first walk of the day. We discussed where to put the St. John's Wort clippings - they are too tough to compost easily, so we're lining up garbage cans - and she half-queried about my knowledge of her cancer diagnosis. I told her I had heard, but hadn't wanted to bug her about it, and hugged her firmly. She remarked that she needs lots of prayers and good wishes - she knows I'm a non-believer - and she knows I support her. I have to quash my continuing outrage at the unfairness of her being stricken, when theere are so many people who I think deserve liver cancer. (Why feign humane attitiudes? I WOULD wish her illness on a few choice individuals. I do not see the advantage of forgiving men like Bush or Cheney; they are monsters, every bit as bad as Hitler or Stalin, they're just getting away with it under the guise of Progress.)
Beloved spouse and beloved son went out for a beer. I'm going up to finish my book.


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