Friday, September 02, 2005

Everything is politcal

And until we impeach Bush and and his greedy fuckwit cronies, it needs to stay political. No let up, no leeway for this crew.
Got out on a short walk in the morning with Mother. She was really slowed down at breakfast, saying she just felt like something was wrong in her head. I think she may not have slept very well, but she can't usually remember in the morning.
Got over to the climbing gym to set and strip routes, which somehow always feels like a positive effort. There were a couple of fellows there who although very tall, said they liked my routes. One was a friend of Damian, the young guy - not quite 30 - who died last year from cancer caused by drugs he took to hang on to his transplanted kidney. This friend had taken some classes with Damian, and credited him for helping him to learn good technique. True enough - Damian was in your face, in a nice way, about learning to climb well. I try to invoke his spirit any time I'm outside and feeling a bit hesitant as I look at a route. last time I did this it was with my son, who had me get on a crack that was very difficult for me to make headway on. As I stood on a ledge, looking up at this crack that was hurting my hands and feet as I tried to get up into it, I just thought about Damian, and decided to ignore the discomfort. I did get up the crack, it still hurt, but it got done.
Back mid- afternoon, got Mother out on an 8 block walk, and she remarked that her head cleared by the end of it. What a clear testimony to the powers and benefits of walking.


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