Thursday, November 24, 2005

The bird is the word

The aforementioned pie turned out fine, from all appearances and a little custard cupful of its filling baked on the side. We tasted it, and it was nice and sweet, spicy and dark from the organic pumpkin filling, molasses and brown sugar. No sweetened condensed milk - I only tolerate that goo in dream bars, and infrequently. I have pretty much decided not to stuff the bird this time, but rather to fill its cavity with fresh herbs from our yard. I made some cornbread which will go into a side dish of stuffing.
There was some sun around 8:30 this morning; it's been swathed again with fog. During our 8 block turkey trot, we heard horrible howling and yelling, and a strange metallic pounding. I espied a small boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old, sitting on his front steps by himself, beating on an upside down metal pan, yelling unintelligibly except for the occasional utterance of " I don't want to be ANYWHERE! " Well, dang, kid, I sure as hell wouldn't take you anywhere right now; early Thanksgiving meltdown, perhaps?
It's 3:30, the stuffing which I'm not putting inside the turkey is ready, and so tasty I could eat it right out of the bowl: cornbread, potato bread, olive oil, butter, onions, shallots, our own dried sage, rosemary and oregano, salt and pepper. Bread dough is rising into adorable little rolls and a large free form thing, and the organic cranberries cooked into a really delicious sauce. Now we must wait for the bird...
Some young friends dropped by and she gave us a wonderful apple pie she'd made. They are vegans, and weren't staying for turkey; they had dinner reservations at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant for a four-course vegan Thanksgiving feast. The woman in this couple is a talented vegan cook herself, so it will be fun to hear her postgame analysis.
Dinner was very good, and after just samples of our two pies, I needed to get out for a walk, rain or no. Beloved spouse, Beloved son and I suited up and headed down the hill to Lake Union, to view the distant cityscape in the rather heavy mist that was presenting itself.
Nice uphill walk back home, and the tryptophan was at last kicking in.


Blogger Neil Shakespeare said...

LOL on the kid on the pan: "I don't want to be ANYWHERE!" Kinda how George makes me feel...

1:05 PM  
Blogger KathyR said...

Yeah, good for that kid's parents for letting him get it out. I could use a good howl on the porch with a pan and a spoon myself sometimes.

But I snorted when I read "I sure as hell wouldn't take you anywhere right now."

4:16 PM  

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