Friday, November 18, 2005

Fighting off fog

...inside and out. I finished Bowen's A World of Love last night; it was published in the early 1950's, and I am observing a little more experimenting, or playing with language in it than in the previous four of hers that I've read recently. She appears to be relaxing the formality of her language just a bit, and there are constructions which seem to have a faintly exotic flavor to them: Maybe she was dipping into her Irish background? I should find an example or two of what I mean, just for the record. She got a bit more expressionistic, or impressionistic, or poetic or something, in her descriptive passages, too. Read a bit more of Genji, and am liking it more. Just wish the damned footnotes weren't in a Tinkerbell-sized font; I am an inveterate footnote reader, and may go blind trying to read the MYRIAD of them there are in this Penguin edition of The Tale of Genji. Thye are not all worth the effort, but I don't know which ones aren't without looking at them!
Got me mum out for two 5 block walks, one fairly foggy around noon, one sunny and delightful, at about 2:00. I took a bye on route setting, thinking it'd be better to hang out with her than to leave her alone all afternoon. I went to the climbing gym around 2:45 and ran into a couple of acquaintances with whom to work out. I felt pretty worn out by 4:30 or so, and headed home.
Off to bed fairly early with Genji upon my chest like a fate.


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