Thursday, November 17, 2005

Draggy and foggy...

So tired I went to bed last night around 9:00, read yet more of Bowen's A World of Love and about a page of The Tale of Genji. The latter is probably a work that I, as a dedicated reader of Fine Fiction should be more excited about, particularly as it is called the first novel ever written, but... over 1,000 pages of...well...archaic stuff? I suppose I shouldn't whinge about it, it's better than flogging away at Beowulf in its original form, but...sigh.
I completely forgot about my sleazy TV show, "Lost." Such a culturally superior creature I am becoming, eh? But mais oui.
The fog seems to be creeping into my joints and junctures; hard to get out of bed, hard to run, to lift weights...coming down with something, or being squashed by something? I have only to start wondering what is the matter and I go for a walk with my mother, who marvels daily over being able to go 8 blocks on her own hind legs. Today I got her two chocolate vegan min-doughnuts as a surprise for after lunch. You'd have thought I'd handed her the Hope Diamond.
The other day we watched an Oprah show, in which she featured the correct way to be fitted for brassieres. I actually took notes, on my mom's behalf. I only wear sports bras, but my mom needs a new pair of bras. Seven come eleven...


Blogger windspike said...


Gotcha - I see you are a fan of lit with a capital L. My last great read was Moby Dick, believe it or not. I am sure the prose is not as thick or dreary as the The Tale of Genji. I haven't even picked the latter up.

I didn't even know that they made vegan min-doughnuts. Or, was that something you conjured up in your kitchen?

Oh, and it is nice to know Oprah provides such high quality services.

P.S. Incidentially, I purposefully confound my email address to confuse blogger bots and spammers alike. Sorry for the confusion.

Blog on Sister.

3:50 PM  
Blogger isabelita said...

Hey, I re-read Moby Dick for the third time this summer! It's quite a piece of work, isn't it? I also re-read Don Quixote for the second time - another monument! The Tale of Genji isn't at all thick and drary, it's just... long. With miniscule footnotes.
Nope, I didn't make those vegan doughnuts, it ws out local vegan doughnut store, Mighty-O.
So, shall I post here, or to your blog?

7:00 PM  
Blogger windspike said...

I suppose it is customary to post, for continuity, under the original place the discourse began. So, here is good. Random comments on unrelated or lost threads, I suppose, would confuse other bloggers.

Funny, I had read Moby Dick for the first time this summer. May have to repeat, but there are so many others to get to first. Just curious - what is your favorite? I am on a mission to read all the "classics." So, I am contemplating Middlemarch or I have a copy of pride and prejudice that is sitting on the shelf. But with two small boys to take care of, it is hard to get some reading time in edgewise.

Incidentially, I blogged a bit about Moby Dick and the salience for today's commentary. I can't recall the particular dates or entry, but if you google my location, you can search for all moby dick references and have a look at my thinking at the time. I would be curious as to your thinking about whether I was on or off base.

Blog on sister.

Oh, and I too am an athlete - I gather that from your interests. Been a runner for a long time. Windsurfer, etc...Nice to meet a kindred spirit on line.

8:34 PM  
Blogger isabelita said...

windspike, a couple favorite classics I have re-read recently are Anna Karenina and Don Quixote.
I recently read all of David Mitchell's novels; he's a current writer. Ghostwritten, Number9Dream and Cloud Atlas were the works I read and very much appreciated. Oh, a novel I read a year or so ago, which is definitely a classic, and maybe one of my all time favorites, is called Independent People, by Halldor Laxness, a deceased Icelandic writer; an asounding book, I think.
I will look at your Moby Dick references; i must tell you, though, that I am not a deeply analytical reader and/or critic. I do not have a lit background, but I have been reading for over 50 years, so I do have a broad base of experience, at any rate.
I look forward to talking with you further.
Oh, windsurfing is one thing I've never tried. I am very enamored of rock climbing these days, though.

4:28 PM  

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