Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day

After we get Hairdo Day accomplished, I am off to the polls. I was number 28 on the poll list, and duly marked my ballot. As I left the polling area, I heard a familiar and extremely annoying and aggrevating voice, that of our son's 4-5th grade teacher. What a tool he was, and probably still is. He was down mooching coffee from the Senior Citizens' Center. I avoided eye contact, but he saw me. He was a loathsome and incompetent fuckwit, and I'm glad our kid pissed him off. He blatantly favored girls in his classes, and didn't even try to figure out how to handle the boys. Had a good run in mid afternoon sunshine, down to the Nautilus. Observed a young woman gathering LBM's - Little Brown Mushrooms - and hoped she knew what she was looking for. Either she was successfully harvesting psillocybin 'shrooms, or was planning a mass murder...
Saw several amanita muscaria specimens, those adorable-looking fungi with red tops covered with white lumps; they are picturesque, but toxic. Some folks used to claim they were hallucinogenic, but I'd never risk trying them.
Off to read.


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