Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out of tune

Off my usual track. Skipping weeks of route-setting and climbing at the gym. Things must change.
We went to our local chapter of Drinking Liberally, partly to meet one of the six Democrats running for the open state rep seat in our district. I liked her; she's a community college psychology teacher, and her main focus is on publid education, which is deteriorating here in Washington State. Also had an exchange with Joel Connelly, a columnist for the Seattle Post Intelligencer, who held forth on a few different topics. Later we talked with a couple of local political bloggers, one of whom is a freelance journalist who has been at it for several decades. He has a blog which keeps an ear to talk show radio, Blather Watch, and says the right wingers spew pretty nasty stuff. Another younger guy breezed up, and waxed enthusiastically about some candidates he's working for. He sounded as if he relished the workings of politics, and has done some kind of radio work. Another guy told us about an event in mid July, a meeting of the six state rep Democratic candidates at Town Hall, which is to let us 43rd district voters meet them and find out about them. He thinks all six are good, but was backing someone other than the woman who came last night. My first thought was too bad the six can't be spread around somehow, and all put to use, but then perhaps it can also be said that it's good we have such a showing. Getting people revved up for the slogging ahead...


Blogger windspike said...

...and it's going to be some serious slogging ahead. Bring the hip waders, the mud slinging is going to be hot, heavy and thick.

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