Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Positive spiral

Gradually things seem to be righting themselves. We attended a wonderful concert in which one of our bandmates played, with a group he's been in for twenty five years. It's a wind symphony, small, about fifty people, just brass and woodwinds and percussion. It's the second concert of theirs I've seen, and I'm increasingly impressed by their skills and repertoire. They tend to perform pieces that aren't in the meat and potatoes mainstream. Our bandmate had a lovely clarinet solo in the final piece, "Angels in the Architecture", which had been commissioned to be performed in the Sydney Opera House. It was an interesting and challenging work.
It has been a whirl of hanging out with shutins, now that I'm out of that category. Besides my mother, another bandmate, a trumpet player and newly-minted family practice doctor, needed help after she got thrown off her horse and sustained a concussion, or, as she puts it, "I had my jello shook." Most fortunate that she was wearing a very good helmet. Scary, very bizarre symptoms occurred for a bit, but she appears to be on a good healing trajectory and will be able to start her first job as a physician soon.
Productive and heartening sectional, in which I hope our leader heard the results of my hard work. I felt much more at ease, anyway.


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