Saturday, November 26, 2005

Washed away

All the polluted air that was trapped under an inversion layer; got up to see a clear frosty morning. Mother got in a sweet 8 block walk, enjoying every sunny moment. Later in the afternoon, beloved spouse and I took off on our own walk, down our hill, up through Lower Woodland Park, past the zoo, then down south of 46th through a mostly industrial area which strangely enough, was very pleasant, owing to all the pavement absorbing the sunlight, radiating it, and warming an otherwise chilly day. We headed up Old Ballard Avenue to a recreational equipment store called Second Ascent to look for a medium weight jacket for Him. Such plunder we found, socks, jacket, shells and approach shoes. I assured beloved spouse he needed these garments for a practical update of his wardrobe. And they were at good prices, being end of the year models. We don't need no stinkin' fashions!
As we walked back up and down hill and dale to home, our appetites grew. Finally, at the top of the biggest hill, we discovered we were in a no food available zone, and our best options for dining pleasure lay back in Ballard, but we did not go back, but presed onward, past the zoo again, where some kind of wacky turkey-goose-crazybird was whooping out for...something. Probably Birdy Happy Hour in there, as the hordes of families were streaming out.
Well, turkey en mole and a margarita sufficed for us.