Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Family fun

Despite coming during shitty weather, our visitors had, for the most part, a good time. Not enough visibility to see any mountains like the last group got, but a few pleasant distractions in the middle of business details. One fell ill, perhaps to an incubating virus which accompanied them from home, but seemed better after a day's respite.
After everyone had gone, I hurried out between blasts of strong wind and bouts of hail to run errands. On the way home, I saw hordes of crows flocking to a Coastal Redwood which grows in the alley lot with the spooky house and the Fawn Lilies. The crows were flying to the top of the tree like iron filings to a magnet. Upon closer inspection, you could see a large Bald Eagle standing on the flat top, bending down and rending something it had clasped in its talons. A few of us stood across the street, speculating on what the eagle was eating, and amazed at how calmly it withstood the crows' onslaught. It was an amazing sight here in the middle of Wallingford.


Blogger robin andrea said...

What a great sight that must have been. Lately we've been watching crows bombarding treetops where red-tailed hawks are smugly sitting. Amazing how unperturbed they are by it all.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Phil said...

That's usually the precursor to signs on the lightpoles saying, "Missing Kitty".

4:49 PM  

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