Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Higher and higher

A lack of climbing workouts had been laying waste to fitness, but was addressed recently with two days in a row of wall scaling, one with a long time friend and belay partner and the next with a friend about half my age. The latter has seemed more supportive of my efforts lately, and is a joy to watch climbing. You always hope seeing an elite athlete in action will somehow inspire your own performance, which it sort of does, as long as you're not trying to throw three-pointers in a BB tournament.
The week sped along, with a concert band rehearsal attended sparsely due to ravaging viruses. The trumpet section was decimated. What woodwinds who were there and not playing in the ensemble for the Satie piece crammed into a Sunday school room for teensy ones in the church's sub basement; I got a teensy oaken chair upon which to perch. We had the main director running a sectional with us on the last section of the Gershwin piece. It was a very good workout, and he commented that he noticed my daily practicing was paying off. Such a nice young man.


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