Monday, March 14, 2011

lofty fun

Got to do a climbing session today with two friends, and we had a fine time, pushing a bit more as energy allowed; the younger one is training for a road trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, and wants to get in as much rope time as she can. We elder women could but admire her technique, and did our best to follow. People piss and moan about climbing gyms, but on a crappy rainy day, with no free flight to sunnier climes in sight, it's a pleasure to be able to do something even vaguely akin to rock climbing, with good company.
Finished a collection of short fiction by John Crowley some time around 4-ish this morning, when the car wash effect of a middle of the night storm had ceased. These stories were from the late 1970's and into the 80's, and show a promising imaginative bent. I should have grabbed the novels that were on the shelf at the used book store along side this collection.


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