Friday, March 18, 2011

Positive accretions

Solid band rehearsal; we went early and spent an extra half an hour going over the melodic sections of "Bolero". I didn't miss a note, testimony to my pretty much daily dedication to practice. Hope all the soloists do the same over the next couple of weeks. Surprise extra climbing session, with good results; managed some difficult moves on routes I should have known better than to tackle. Interesting and instructive session with the truly gifted musician in the family, who plays an amazing jazz guitar. I am so imbued with reading music as it stands, and can barely improvise a few notes, although I've heard plenty of funk/jazz/fusion performances and dearly love them. We tentatively ventured into songs I have known for decades, and I got the start of an inkling on how things can go. It reminds me of visual art: You learn the formalities before you throw them to the wind. Picasso was a skilled realist before he went into abstraction. Seems so obvious, but with music, it's a very different proposition. The musician needs to know the instruments completely, and be able to do anything at any moment for improvisation. Da capo.


Anonymous Phil said...

poco a poco delicioso

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